How to upload patches to the Patch store from the console:


Sometimes, patches can't be downloaded due to proxy issues, antivirus or firewall restrictions, etc. In such cases, you can manually download the patch and upload it to the patch store directly from console using upload patches option.

(Note: This option is only available for the build 10.0.282 and above).


  • Navigate to Patches>Downloaded patches>upload patches.
  • Here you will find a list of patches that has to be downloaded manually. Apply the filter "Missing patches in the network" to view only the patches that are missing in your network.
  • Click a patch to view the detailed summary which contains the download URL of the patch.
  • After downloading the patch file manually, select the respective patch in the upload patches tab and choose upload under actions.
  • Navigate to the downloaded patch file and upload it.
  • Now, the patch will be successfully uploaded to the patch store, and will be available for deployment.