How can I image a Linux computer with an UEMS Agent on it?


This document will guide you to image a Linux computer with UEMS Agent on it. There are few pre-requisites which are described below.


The UEMS Agent has a unique ID which represents the machine with its name and system details. If more than one  agent is identified with the same ID, the details listed in the Console will be overwritten. This would end up listing details of only one computer though there are several computers with the same id. So in order to avoid this issue, follow the steps mentioned below to image a computer with Agent on it.


Steps to be performed on the computer which is to be used for imaging.

  1. Install the UEMS Agent in the computer.
  2. Ensure that you have super user privileges to perform the below actions
  3. Open terminal and run this command "dcservice -p" to stop Agent Service
  4. Download "LinuxOSImager" in the Machine.
  5. Navigate to the location where "LinuxOSimager" is stored, open terminal and run this command "chmod +x LinuxOSImager". This prepares the file for execution.
  6. Run this command : "./LinuxOSImager set". Now the machine will be marked as imaged.
  7. Take the Image of the OS.
  8. Run the command : "./LinuxOSImager reset". This is needed for the machine to contact Server.
  9. Restart the Agent Service by running the command "dcservice -t &"

Steps to be performed on the computer where the image will be deployed.

  1. Deploy the OS image in the new machine.
  2. Rename the New machine.
  3. Restart the machine or open terminal and run the command "dcconfig refresh" as root user.

This machine will be now added in the Central Server.