Rebranding Patch Manager Plus

You can choose to rebrand Patch Manager Plus server and agent components. This feature will allow you to use your company logo and name, instead of Patch Manager Plus's logo and name. Rebranding the Patch Manager Plus Server, will allow Administrators and Technicians, to view the product as their own.

Benefits of Rebranding

  • Reports that are exported, will contain the rebranded logo and company name
  • Alerts and messages displayed on the managed computers will contain the rebranded logo and company name
  • Users on the managed computers, will understand that the desktop management activity is being performed by their IT team and will not feel insecure

Rebranding Patch Manager Plus Server

You can rebrand the Patch Manager Plus server component by providing a product logo and the company name. You can also choose the web link, and the copyright details which can be modified. These changes will impact the users, when they login the subsequent time. Whenever a report is being generated from Desktop Server, the details on the report will also contain the rebranded details of the company. When the Patch Manager Plus Server is rebranded, the user will not be able to identify the product as Patch Manager Plus, on the server UI, however the text within the product would contain the name of the product as Patch Manager Plus. For example, the installation wizard, product name in the installation directory and messages within the product, if any where the product name is specified as Patch Manager Plus will remain the same.

Rebranding Patch Manager Plus Agent

You can choose to rebrand the Patch Manager Plus agent on the managed computer. You will have to provide a logo and the name that should appear on the managed computer's agent. However unlike Patch Manager Plus server, rebranding agent will not modify the image of the Patch Manager Plus icon on the managed computers. Rebranded image and product name will be used while displaying notifications on the managed computer. For example, when a patch/software application is deployed via Patch Manager Plus, user will receive a notifications on the computer where the product name will contain the rebranded company name and logo.