Agent Uninstallation - Uninstall UEMS Agent from client computers


Your users are unable to uninstall the UEMS Agent from Add/Remove Programs, as there is no provision available to do the same.


You may encounter this problem if, you have enabled the "Disable Uninstallation Option in Control" check box under Admin -> "SoM Settings" -> "Agent Settings" while deploying agents to computers.


Revoke User Permissions to Add/Remove Programs

If you want to allow your users to uninstall agent from client machines,

  1. Go to SoM Settings -> Agent Settings.
  2. Under the "Agent Security Settings", disable the "Restrict users from Uninstalling the Agent from Control Panel"


The update will get reflected during the subsequent communication between the Agent and the Server. And the users will be able to see options to add or remove under the Add/Remove Programs section.

Uninstall from Client Machines individually

Using this method, you can manually uninstall the agents from the desired client computers.

  1. Download the dcagentuninstall.txt and rename it to dcagentuninstall.bat.
  2. Execute this script from the client computers to uninstall the UEMS Agent.