User with email id already exists in other organization

A user will get this error message when an admin tries to add a user who belongs to other IAM organization or who owns another IAM organization. The term 'organization' here refers to a user who has created an account for using any of the products of a company. This means by creating an account, this user has created an organization. The test cases along with solutions have been elaborated as follows:

  1. When an admin tries to add a registered user who belongs to another organization then an error message will pop up, saying that this email id already exists.

    Solution: You can ask that user to close the account and request the System Administrator to add this user.

  2. When a user is using a product he becomes a member of that organization. Since this person is a registered user, he'll not be able to add his mail id for using another application. If the user needs both the applications, then asking him to close the account of the already existing application is not a solution.

    Solution: Either he has to create a new mail id and register while signing up for the second application, or he can contact the support team requesting them to merge accounts so that he can use both the applications with the same mail id.

  3. Say X is the admin of two applications and Y is the registered user of any one application. Since Y is registered user of one of the applications, he becomes a member of the organization. Now when X tries to add Y to the other application, an error message will pop up.

    Solution: Ask X to dissociate Y so that the Administrator can add Y.