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Measuring employees' productive work hours with ADAudit Plus

A major factor that influences a business's profitability is "actual work hours," i.e. the amount of time an employee spends productively in a regular work day. But measuring active work time using time sheets, as many companies do, is cumbersome for employees and may not always give employers accurate information since employees self-report their hours.

ADAudit Plus is an indispensable tool for organizations looking to understand how much time an employee actually spends at their workstation. It tracks logons and logoffs to paint a general picture of user activity, but for those users who never log off their computer, ADAudit Plus also tracks screensaver invocations/dismissals, console locks/unlocks, as well as remote session connections/disconnections. And for employers with remote workers, they can be confident that work is getting done away from the office. With ADAudit Plus, employers can:

  • Monitor employee attendance.
  • Keep track of employees' actual work hours (excluding idle time) without using time sheets.
  • Boost performance through better understanding of how teams work.
  • Detect possibilities of malicious intent by monitoring unusual logon times.
  • Obtain user-specific information on employee in/out time, to reduce ambiguity during security audits.
Productive Work Hours
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