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Windows File Server Auditing

Windows File Server Auditing Software- ADAudit Plus

In Real-Time, centrally Track-Audit-Secure the business-critical File Servers in a Windows Server Environment! Windows File Server Auditing is the latest addition in the ManageEngine ADAudit Plus family, change Auditing software. Securely track the authorized / unauthorized access, changes to the documents in their files and folder structure, shares and permissions.

Highlights of Web-Based Windows File Server Auditing in Real-Time using ADAudit Plus

Dashboard View of Windows File Server Auditing
  • Audit File servers for a Secure and a compliant network environment.
  • Meet SOX, HIPAA, PCI, GLBA Compliance Requirements.
  • An Assortment of Auditing & Filter-Based Reporting capabilities.
  • Detailed Forensics of Approved & Unapproved Changes in file and folder structure.
  • Get Reports & Alerts on Windows File Server through Email Notification upon Unauthorized actions / Access to critical files & folders and be a step ahead in Enterprise Network Security.
  • Audit Windows File Server permission changes to the System Access Control list.
  • Automate tracking of changes through Scheduled Reports.
  • Audit Trails with answers to the vital 4W's - Who effected what change in File Server, when and from where.

Funneling down to specifics on File Audit Reporting Options

'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' of unauthorized/authorized File/Folder modifications is the foremost of Reporting necessities. You can choose from the 50+ Attributes that comprise the Windows File Server Event Generation Reports, some things one must-see to believe!

File/Folder Modifications (Created/Modified/Deleted):

File modifications when not tracked, makeup for most of the crucial complications in a File Server environment.

File Server File/Folder Modifications

Failed Accesses (Created/Modified/Deleted):

Primary of all 'Failed Attempts' at file modifications; helps to trackback at the start and might help curb a network disaster waiting to happen!

Top 5 Users who modified files:

A simple-ingenious way to know the 'Owner' of a file modification, keep track of the user modifications for a period of time of your choice!

Top 5 Users who modified files

Top 5 Users with failed access:

Know an easier doorway than this Report, to finding the accounts exploiting the privileged resources? Know not just the 'Who' but also the 'When, What from Where' paving way for computer forensics to find out the 'Why'!

Folder Permission Changes (DACL):

Keep track of the access/modifications to business-critical files with this Report. From the file permissions to the folder permissions to the modifications to a file! It's time you know-it-all on network 'File/Folder, Shares & Permission' modifications!

Folder Permission Changes (DACL)

Folder Audit Permission Changes (SACL):

Sometimes the Securing forces need Security! Track the 'discretionary' and 'system access control list' modifications with detailed attributes, crucial amongst them being the New & Original Security Descriptor Values!

Folder Audit Permission Changes (SACL)

Return on Investment

Windows File Server Auditing offers the Best Return on Investment for an Enterprise Audit Product by being An-All-in-One Audit Solution, ManageEngine ADAudit Plus's 'Windows Audit Offering', bettering the competition with 'Intelligent Reporting' & 'Thorough Scheduled Reports' ensures you meet Compliance demands & eliminates Network Security Risk. From a bird's eye view, the cost of Securing, Segmenting and meeting Compliance makes for a resource intensive administrative task! Simplify & Save with - Windows File Server Auditing.

Look no further, One Click and ADAudit Plus 'Windows File Server Auditing' will take charge of your File Server Security and your Enterprise being Compliant! Anywhere! Every time!

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