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Windows Printer Auditing tool

ADAudit Plus print monitoring and auditing solution provides real-time activity reports detailing all printer use. Administrators can centrally audit, monitor and view pre-configured reports and schedule reports on printer usage, user based reports, recent jobs and printer based reports. The reports contain a thorough event analysis which helps quickly assessing the printer usage along with file details including time and date, name of user who printed, file name, number of pages, copies, file size, printer name and Server details for a better analysis. Get instant email alerts on the printed files. ADAudit Plus with printer auditing allows organizations to further meet security and SOX, HIPAA compliance needs with exportable reports in XLS, HTML, PDF and CSV formats for report submission during audits.

Printer Auditing Advantage using ADAudit Plus

  • Identify all the files printed over the Windows network.
  • List file details with time and date, the name of the user who printed.
  • Keep a track of the number of pages, copies, file size, printer name and Server details.
  • Pre-configured printer audit reports to view thorough details.
  • Support for both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows platforms.
  • Meet Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA Compliance.
  • Export audit reports in XLS, CSV, PDF and HTML formats.
  • Here, only the important features are listed, for the many, many more features experience an Online Demo of ADAudit Plus.

Printer Audit Reports

This Printer Audit feature is available as a Member Server Add-On.

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