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Real Time Audit of User Management Actions

Monitoring user management actions in real-time and maintaining a record of actions done by users, administrators and technicians will help in efficient functioning of an organization. User management audit reports from ADAudit Plus serve the purpose of auditing these actions with ease.

Delegate User Management Tasks to Support Staff

Amid multiple duties that an administrator attends, user management is of substantial importance. The workload and routine of this time consuming Active Directory task keeps him always engaged. Inorder to escape this position of inconvenience, he delegates roles to IT support technicians or the human resource staff and relieves himself to focus on other important infrastructure management functions.

Role Delegation is Job Just Half Done

Multiple accounts are created, deleted or modified in the domain by delegated helpdesk staff and there is a need to know selective information on these changes made to user objects in Active Directory. Also, every employee undergoes changes at different stages of their life cycle and this calls for comprehensive recording and reporting. It is the duty of the administrator to have an up to date information on the changes done by staff on Active Directory objects and reproduce them when desired. Else the role delegation process is considered just half done.

Need to Audit / Monitor Delegated User Actions

Tracking changes that occur in an organization is a mandatory audit requirement. Auditors and managers will require a snapshot on critical flaws, trendlines and other intentional / unintentional activities done by these delegated users. There is a need to monitor actions on a periodic basis for meeting infrastructure management and security compliance motives. These are facilitated with the wide range of user management audit reports in real-time and characteristic graphs produced using ADAudit Plus.

Audit Information handy to an Administrator

Administrators must know the number of new employees added by the HR and those added by other support staff. He must also know what modifications were done by a selected helpdesk technician on users, computers or groups in the domain. What are the history of changes done (Change History) on any selected user in the domain and other important administration related changes.

Effectively Audit User Management Actions with ADAudit Plus

User Management Audit Reports from ADAudit Plus facilitate generation of reports by date on user change actions. The product is intuitively designed to extract desired user audit information and facilitate ready availability for an internal audit requirement. User Management Reports from ADAudit Plus allows the administrator, IT Manager or an IT Auditor or others who use the application to.

  • In real-time, view user object life cycle changes - creation, modification and deletion of a user object.
  • Identify admin or non-admin users responsible / accountable for changes done on one or more accounts in the domain.
  • View reports specific to any / every Active Directory change.
  • Monitor important user account changes in the recent past.
  • Export the reports to desired formats xls, csv, pdf and html.
  • Maintain accountability of actions done by administrators, helpdesk technicians, human resource staff or any selected user in the organization with reports from archived information.


Change Actions Audited in Real-time with ADAudit Plus

User Lifecycle Changes like Users created, deleted or modified. These changes are extracted and reported by date with the help of the below provided reports in ADAudit Plus.

  • Recently Created Users
  • Recently Deleted Users
  • Recently Modified Users

Password Status Changes for Users like password set or changed and account locked out and unlocked details. These changes are listed with reports on

  • Recently Password Set Users
  • Recently Password Changed Users
  • Recently Locked Out Users
  • Recently Unlocked Users

User Status Changes like user enabled or disabled in a selected period of time.

  • Recently Enabled Users
  • Recently Disabled User

Other User Management Reports

Last Modification on Users

This lists the last modified property for all users in a domain. Time of modification and the User who modified is also listed.

User Administrative Activity Report

User management activity report lists all the management actions done by any selected user or technician on Users, Computers and Groups in the Domain. It comprehensively displays actions executed by users in the form of a easily understandable Pie Chart. User management actions likes user account changed, deleted, disabled, enabled, password set and account unlocked, Computer Management actions like computer account changed, deleted or enabled and group management actions performed on distribution and security groups are audited, reported and highlighted through charts.

User History Reports

User history report provides information on all the change actions done on a selected user during his life cycle. Changes that a user encountered during his life cycle are reported.

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