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Compare Editions ADManager Plus is available in two editions - Standard and Professional.
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    Purchasing a license for (x) users will allow you to back up (x) AD users, (x) Azure AD users, and (x) Google Workspace users.
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Note: ADManager Plus licenses are domain-based and each license includes a default admin account.


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Compare Models Here's a more detailed breakdown of all the services included in both plans to help you decide:
ADManager Plus Service Offering Standard Onboarding Advanced Onboarding
Server and domain configuration (adding domain, domain controllers, File Servers, Exchange Servers)
Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace configuration
User creation and modification templates customization which includes template creation, naming format, and duplication check Up to 3 templates
Bulk AD objects creation and management using CSV
Report schedule creation to address industry-specific compliances Up to 3 scheduled reports
Help desk technician and custom delegation roles configuration Up to 3 technician roles
Automation configuration Up to 3 automations
Workflow configuration Up to 3 workflows
Employee search column customization
Custom attribute configuration
Email server, SMS server, and notification profile configuration
Custom script creation & execution (subject to feasibility)
Backup and recovery configuration
Integration with help desk tools
Integration with HCM solutions
Webhook configuration for orchestration
Rest APIs configuration
Security hardening & privacy
1. SSL configuration
2. Single sign-on configuration
3. TFA configuration
4. GDPR privacy configuration
5. LDAP over SSL
Failover configuration (high availability)
Product database backup configuration
Database migration (pgSQL to MS SQL)
Active Directory migration
Expert consultation
User acceptance testing
Comprehensive documentation
Integrated walkthrough
Post-implementation health check
Training (up to 4 participants) Available as an add-on

Note: The implementation of the above services are subject to fulfilment of client deliverables outlined in the scope of work (SOW).

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