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Building a successful multi-cloud strategy

These are the questions asked during 'Building a successful multi-cloud strategy' training.


  • How to create a monitor group and add critical server and non-critical server? You can group the critical and non-critical servers by creating monitor groups individually for each of them.
  • Can Applications Manager monitor anything other the VMs? How Applications Manager is different from VM monitoring under OpManager? Apart from monitoring VMs, Applications Manager monitors over 150+ applications. You can see the full list of supported apps in this link.
    When it comes to monitoring servers and VMs, most of the metrics monitored will be similar to OpManager.
  • How to migrate Applications Manager from one server to another server and assign our company domain to it? You can follow the steps specified in this link to migrate Applications Manager from one server to another.
    You can also drop an email to our support so that we can check your build number and assist you with more detailed information.
  • How can you show all the performance metrics in a managerial dashboard form? The dashboards are customizable depending on the metrics which you specify in the widgets. Learn more

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