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SharePoint Performance Monitoring

SharePoint Monitoring

SharePoint's services are critical to business workflows, and it is important to have an efficient Sharepoint performance monitoring tool to ensure the system's availability at all times. With added support for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and 2013, Applications Manager is an efficient Sharepoint monitoring tool for your MS SharePoint environment and it measures a wide range of metrics, proactively diagnoses any issues, and speeds up the troubleshooting process.

Optimally allocate space for databases

Since content databases, store content for one or more site collections for a SharePoint web application, you can manage space based on the number of sites hosted by it.

Manage all running web applications on the server with Sharepoint Monitor

Resolve any issues faster by monitoring performance of all the web applications running on the SharePoint server. Using root cause analysis, eliminate any ambiguity and reduce troubleshooting time.

Get to know more about services hosted on SharePoint

Inorder to thoroughly monitor Sharepoint performance, you need complete visibility into its environment. With Applications Manager's Sharepoint server monitoring capabilities, get unmatched visibility into the efficiency and performance of the various SharePoint services, based on instant notifications, in case of any downtime or slowdown in the process. You can also monitor and retrieve performance details of SharePoint's access services, Visio web access services, Infopath services, Excel services and Office gatherer.

Detect failed timer jobs

Keep a check on the efficiency of the application by determining the frequency of failure or breakdown in jobs, based on the status ,last run time and error message status.

Scale linearly in larger infrastructure

In larger IT environments, there may be several SharePoint farms that are present. You can manage your SharePoint environment using Applications Manager's Sharepoint monitoring software which monitors key performance metrics and indicates if a specific part of your farm requires attention or not.

View instantly available reports and dashboards

Get details about the health, availability and response time of the SharePoint Server, with the help of out-of-the -box reports and dashboards.

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