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MS Office SharePoint Monitoring

Take Control of SharePoint Management

Office SharePoint Monitoring
  • Do you want to monitor if your MS Office SharePoint Server is always up & running?
  • Do you want to track the performance of your MS Office SharePoint Server ?
  • Do you want to proactively troubleshoot the problems in production environment?

Applications Manager monitors the performance and availability of MS Office SharePoint Server. It allows the user to diagnose and notify if the preset threshold value is breached.

Office SharePoint Server monitoring includes delivering comprehensive fault management and proactive alarm notifications, checking for impending problems, triggering appropriate actions and gathering performance data for planning, analysis, and reporting.

Some of the components that can be monitored in MS Office SharePoint Server are:

  • Office Search Gatherer ( Reason To Back Off, Active Queue Length, Threads In Plugins, Delayed Documents, etc.)
  • Excel Services Web Frontend (Active Requests, Requests Per Second)
  • Excel Calculation Services (Requests With Errors Per Sec, Sessions Per Second, Cached Charts Requested Per Sec, Active Sessions, etc)
  • Excel WebAccess (Excel Web Access Request Time, Chart Image Requests per Second, Average Chart Image Request Time)
  • Document Conversions (Incoming EMail Messages Processed, Pending Conversions)
  • Active Server Pages (Errors/sec, Requests Queued, Requests Rejected, Requests/sec, Current Sessions, etc.)
  • Memory Stats ( Free Memory, Page Faults Per Sec, % Committed Bytes In Use, % Processor Time)
  • Office Search Archival Plugin ( Active Docs in First Queue, Total Docs in First Queue, Active Docs in Second Queue, Total Docs in Second Queue)
  • Office Search Schema Plugin ( Aliases Loaded, Aliases Mapped, Duplicate Aliases, Error Documents)
  • Office Server Search Indexer Catalogs ( Failed Queries, Succeeded Queries, Queries, Documents Filtered, Index Size)
  • Share Point Server Servcies ( Service Name, Status, Health, Availability)
  • Web Content Management-Publishing Cache ( Publishing Cache Hit Ratio, Total Object Discards, Publishing Cache Hits / sec, Publishing Cache Misses / sec, Publishing Cache Flushes / sec)

MS Office SharePoint Server Management Capabilities

  • Out-of-the-box management of performance and availability of the Office SharePoint Server
  • Monitors MS Office SharePoint Server performance statistics such as Office Search Gatherer, Excel Services Web Frontend, Memory Stats etc. alarms can be configured for these parameters.
  • Based on the thresholds configured, notifications and alarms are generated. Actions are executed automatically based on configurations.
  • Performance graphs and reports are available instantly. Grouping of reports, customized reports, and graphs based on date is available.
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Note: MS Office SharePoint Monitor can be evaluated with our Professional Edition or Enterprise Edition (trial for 30 days). You can place a request for evaluation license here.

For more information, refer MS Office SharePoint Server Management Online Help.