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EUM Agent Download

Download End User Monitoring agent for Applications Manager

If you are using Applications Manager's End User Monitoring feature, download the appropriate EUM agent from the table below:

Who should Download? Agent Version Operating System
Windows Linux
Customers using build no. 16300 and above 20.8
Customers using build no. 16000 to 16290 20.0
Customers using build no. 15660 to 15981 19.0
Customers using build no. 15320 to 15653 18.0
Customers using build no. 15000 to 15310 17.0

Please note that the EUM agent is not a standalone product. It will work only in combination with ManageEngine Applications Manager.
It is recommended to use the SHA256 checksums to verify the integrity of the packages you download.
Supported browsers for RBM Playback include: Mozilla Firefox (v81), Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (Windows only).

File SHA256 value
EUM Agent 64 bit (.exe) 29d62dc7a3a5ca36c4787f76922c0c58e4370e905c4dbd213c35da55a41e864a
EUM Agent 64 bit (.bin) 1f5da47ccd506c4836546d499a76c9caf925481851d4910eba92280f1201e887
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I use the EUM agent without installing Applications Manager?

    No. You have to install and run a central Applications Manager server for the EUM agents to start collecting end user metrics.

  • I have a problem in installation and starting of the EUM agent. What can I do ?

    Contact our technical support team - Toll Free Number : +1 - 925 - 924 - 9500 E-mail:

  • Are there any restrictions on the 30-day trial?

    No, the trial version has no restrictions and works with both Professional and Enterprise editions of Applications Manager.

  • How is the EUM agent licensed?

    The EUM agent add-on is priced as a flat fee. You can monitor any number of resources as long as you do not exceed the overall monitors count. Refer our pricing section for more information.

    What are the system requirements for installing the EUM agent?

    EUM Agents for Firefox based RBM monitors have to be installed on a dedicated Windows / Linux machine - 8 GB RAM, 40 GB HD. EUM Agents for Microsoft Edge based RBM monitors have to be installed on a dedicated Windows - 8 GB RAM, 40 GB HD. However, Applications Manager can be installed on Windows or Linux. This works with the Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition (with Managed Server).

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