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Enabling DevOps to optimize application performance

These are the questions that were asked during Enabling DevOps to optimize application performance training.


  • Can you use APM Insight to monitor SQL user sessions or identify errors and problems automatically? APM Insight captures application transactions and shows the SQL queries which were involved during the transaction. For out of the box SQL monitoring, you can use the MSSQL monitor that is available with the default Applications Manager setup.
    You can read more about it here:
  • How can I give my development team the necessary data in a report for slow applications, errors, etc.? You can export the data in PDF format from the APM Insight monitor and share it with your development team.
  • How do I expose JMX ports with JVM in Docker? You can follow the prerequisites mentioned here:$JavaRuntimeMonitor
  • Is the transaction trace available for all the transactions? The transaction trace threshold can be set in the apminsight.conf file in the agent folder and based on this threshold the traces will be captured and stored in the monitor.
  • How can we monitor Java Runtime for Tomcat running inside a Docker Container? You can follow same steps that are available for standard Java runtime monitor (JMX remote prerequisites) and add the required parameters to the configuration of the Tomcat server in the container while it is deployed.
  • Can you monitor multiple JBoss in a cluster using APM Insight? Each JVM instance will need a separate APM Insight agent for itself, so you can create multiple agent directories and have the individual agents pointed to respective JVMs. You can read more about JBoss servers here:
  • I want to know if before installing the APM Insight Dot Net agent, whether it is required to stop the IIS service first on my server or is it not necessary?No. It is not required to stop the IIS service. During the agent installation, the IIS restart will happen automatically.
  • Can I configure and monitor the Oracle transactions?From the application, if there are any calls sent to the Oracle DB, those can be captured. However, we have a separate Oracle DB monitoring feature within the Applications Manager base product that can be used to monitor DB related metrics.
  • Will it be possible to add sorting columns presented in thread dumps?Not yet but thanks for your feature suggestion. We will definitely add this to our immediate roadmap.
  • If I have two sites to be monitored, do i have to install the agent on both sites or on the central admin server?The agent is based on per server basis. If there are multiple sites in the same server, a single agent will suffice. If not, one agent per one server will be required.
  • Is the APM Insight Monitoring included in the Applications Manager subscription?This is an add-on and it needs to be purchased separately besides the base product. If required, we can provide a trial license for evaluation.
  • Are there agents for 32 and 64 bits separately or is it the same for both versions?The agent is the same for both 32 as well as 64 bit versions.
  • Do you point the APM insight agent to the Admin server or managed server? If managed server, then will you be able to see APM insight details (transactions) on the Admin Server?We should point the Insight agent to the managed Server. However, you can view the monitor and transactions in the admin server as well.
  • What overhead does APM Insight cause?The overhead depends on the number of transactions happening. Max Response time overhead is 4% and max Memory consumption is 300 MB (on 1000 transactions/min).
  • What is the latest version of the java-agent? Does it provide a similar interface as .NET agent?Java Agent configuration are still text based and not UI based. The latest version of APM insight java agent is 2.2.1 and APM Insight .NET agent is 2.5.1. You can download the latest agents from34
  • Is there any way to collect JMX metrics from the APM Insight agent?No. For34gathering JMX metrics, you will have to create a JMX Application monitor. Refer34$jmx
  • Where can I see other http services called from the Java Application/JVM? Is this possible? For instance, say the app calls several other web services via REST or SOAP as an HTTP client.If there are any traces for those particular transactions where this http calls are made, you should be able to see them.
  • Is it ideal to use APM Insight in production all the time?Yes,34If you want to have real time performance information you can deploy it in production as the overhead will be less. Additionally, you can also use it in development and QA environments.
  • Can we configure the same for a linux based apache/tomcat application?Yes. Refer34$tomcat

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