Cisco ASA Audit Event: 212005

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The logs of network perimeter devices such as firewalls, antivirus applications and intrusion prevention systems contain crucial information that helps to pre-emptively block security attacks and breaches. Hence, it's mandatory for you to monitor and audit these logs. Because Cisco ASA provides the combined functionality of all the three, it becomes all the more important to monitor its logs. 

ManageEngine's EventLog Analyzer, a comprehensive log management solution, collects and analyzes the log data from Cisco ASA devices, triggers alerts and generate reports on detected security incidents thus helping you to take suitable measures against security threats, if any. 

Cisco » 212005: Incoming SNMP request exceeds data buffer size

212005: Incoming SNMP request exceeds data buffer size

Cisco ASA is a security device that provides the combined capabilities of a firewall, an antivirus, and an intrusion prevention system. It also facilitates virtual private network (VPN) connections.It helps to detect threats and stop attacks before they spread through the network.

Message: %ASA-3-212005:incoming SNMP request (number bytes) on interfaceinterface_nameexceeds data buffer size, discarding this SNMP request.

Event 212005 is generated when the length of the incoming SNMP request that is destined for the ASA exceeds the size of the internal data buffer (512 bytes) used for storing the request during internal processing. The ASA would be unable to process this request.The SNMP traffic passing through any of the interfaces of the ASA would not have been affected.

How could you resolve this situation?

Make the SNMP management station resend the request with a shorter length. For this, you may need to modify the configuration of the SNMP manager software.

We can help you simplify log management and improve your organization's security with EventLog Analyzer.

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