IIS Server Audit Event: 1133

IIS Server Log Analysis Tool

EventLog Analyzer is a comprehensive tool to audit, manage and track your Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) server logs and provide you with crucial insights into file and web servers. This reporting tool has out-of-box support for both IIS web server and IIS FTP log server logs and provides in-depth reports that help you to enhance the productivity of your organization and seamless access.

IIS » 1133: W3SVC WS03 event centralized and W3C logging enabled

1133: W3SVC WS03 event centralized and W3C logging enabled  

The IIS World Wide Web Publishing Service is responsible for managing the HTTP protocol and HTTP performance counters. An IIS web server can be configured for site, central binary, or central W3C logging. 

Event 1133 is generated when the W3SVC has both centralized binary logging and centralized W3C logging enabled. Since only one type of logging can be enabled at a time, the system would default to central W3C logging.   

How could you resolve this situation?

Only one type of logging can be enabled at a time. So you would need to configure either W3C or binary logging.

We can help you simplify log management and improve your organization's security with EventLog Analyzer.

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