Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What is Advanced Security Analytics Module (ASAM)?

    Advanced Security Analytics Module (ASAM) is a network flow based security analytics and anomaly detection tool that helps in detecting zero-day network intrusions, using the state-of-the-art Continuous Stream Mining Engine™ technology, and classifying the intrusions to tackle network security threats in real time. ASAM, offered as a simple add-on module of NetFlow Analyzer, leverages the underlying platform's agentless centralized data collection and forensic analysis capabilities, to offer greater value.

  2. Do I have to configure anything more(other than NetFlow export) to use ASAM?

    No additional configuration is required as ASAM uses the NetFlow that is already being exported to NetFlow Analyzer server.

  3. Does ASAM affects NetFlow Analyzer's performance?

    No, ASAM does not affect the performance of NetFlow Analyzer in any way.

  4. What problems / threats are detected by ASAM?

    ASAM detects a wide spectrum of threats, which are further classified as problem classes for ease of understanding. The problem classes and the problems can be seen in problem taxonomy.

  5. Which editions of NetFlow Analyzer can I use ASAM with?

    ASAM can be used as an add-on with Essential and Distributed editions of NetFlow Analyzer.

  6. I'm an existing customer and I wish to evaluate ASAM in my production setup, how do I do this?

    Request us for an evaluation license here. We will provide with an evaluation license which will not affect the already applied NetFlow Analyzer license, also lets you evaluate ASAM for 30 days.

  7. Can I whitelist / ignore certain events, if yes, how?

    Yes, you can whitelist / ignore certain events. You can read on how to do that in our user guide.

  8. Where do I see the pricing and purchase options?

    You can view the pricing and purchase details at our online store.