Configure flows in NetFlow Analyzer

    The first step to begin analyzing your flow data, NetFlow Analyzer lets you export flows from your network devices. The different flow formats supported by NetFlow Analyzer are NetFlow, sFLow, jFlow, IPFIX, Netstream, Appflow, etc. Once the flow data is exported from your routers, switches and firewalls, NetFlow Analyzer will show traffic data in the dashboard and inventory tab.

    There are two ways of exporting flows in NetFlow Analyzer:

    1. Using NetFlow Analyzer export flow tab
    2. Using terminal

    Export flows from GUI

    Refer the below link to export flows using NetFlow Analyzer's export flow tab:

    Configuration steps for the devices supported

    The following chart specifies information on various vendors and the flow supported. Click on the specific device name to view the configuration steps for the corresponding flow export.

    Device/Vendor Supported Flow Export
    Cisco devices NetFlow
    Juniper devices cflowd, jFlow
    Nortel IPFIX
    Huawei, 3com,H3C Netstream
    Alcatel-Lucent, Extreme Networks, Foundry Networks, HP, Hitachi, NEC, AlaxalA Networks, Allied Telesis, Comtec Systems, Force10 Networks sFlow
    Brocade vrouters NetFlow
    Fortigate NetFlow
    Cybrome firewall NetFlow
    Checkpoint & Sonicwall firewall sFlow