Known Issues related to PXE Boot

Issues Related to PXE Boot

  1. Unable to boot the machine from PXE

    Get the error codes and send it to our technical support ( to track the issue.

  2. There is an unexpected failure while booting the machine from PXE

    Ensure that the ManageEngine PXE Server is started. If you are unable to start it, then try restarting the ManageEngine OS Deployer OS Deploy Server.

  3. PXE Boot cannot find any NIC

    This may occur when the issue is possibly with the bootable components. Try using the Bootable Media to boot the machine.

  4. PXE Boot cannot find any find HDD

    If the SATA operation mode is set to RAID, then switch to AHCI or IDE.

  5. ManageEngine Loader Fatal Error

    This error indicates that at least 512 kb of conventional memory is required. In the computer BIOS, change the SATA operation mode from RAID to any other mode. As a workaround, you can also use Bootable Media to boot the machine instead of ManageEngine PXE Server.

If the problem persists, contact

To know more about PXE boot server, click here.


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