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Important: The latest PMP version is 10.4 (Build 10406). If you are using earlier versions, you need to apply upgradepack. See What's New in PMP 10.4?

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Evaluation Edition allows you to have 2 administrators for 30 days. You can manage unlimited resources and evaluate all features of Enterprise Edition. For information on licensing details and difference between Standard, Premium, Enterprise Editions and Add-on (Optional), click here.


Password Manager Pro.exe 32-bit349d5c5a92ad2cb7c278da8a49de4d7c
Password Manager Pro.exe 64-bitefce0d21eb09342284af9383c65d3375

Password Manager Pro.bin 32-bit7f14489cf426827a60bc8057e6292179
Password Manager Pro.bin 64-bit1ff8d7eac80e33a9490c5bb9c55b13f8

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