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Privileged Session Recording

Threats to information security arise from outside as well as inside the corporate firewall, presenting IT administrators with the formidable task of managing an enormous number of accounts and sessions. Session recording capabilities in password management software provide flexibility, visibility and control to administrators by capturing entire privileged sessions of sensitive resources on video.

For a variety of reasons, employees, technicians, partners, contractors and other users require secure access to critical IT resources. But privileged accounts offer virtually unlimited access privileges, and with cyber-threats looming large, it is absolutely essential to track what users are doing with their privileged access.

Privileged sessions launched from Password Manager Pro can be video recorded, archived and played back to support forensic audits and let enterprises monitor all actions performed by privileged accounts during privileged sessions.

Session recording caters to the audit and compliance requirements of organizations that mandate proactive monitoring of activities. Administrators can readily answer questions regarding the 'who,' 'what' and 'when' of privileged access. In addition, session recording makes Password Manager Pro a complete solution for the entire lifecycle of privileged password management. It helps organizations secure, control, manage, monitor, audit and review privileged access to diverse IT resources, including servers, databases, network devices and applications - all from a single, centralized web interface.

Session Shadowing: Session recording capability has been extended to enable real-time monitoring of sensitive privileged sessions launched by users. Administrators can 'shadow' the activities of any user and also terminate sessions in real time if any suspicious activity is found. This feature comes in handy when third-party conttractors or partners are granted privileged access. Administrators will have complete control as the access is closely monitored.

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