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Password Alerts, Notifications & SIEM Integration

Any action performed on a password, be it just a password access or modification or changing the share permission or when the password expires or when password policy is violated, notifications are to be sent to the password owners and/or to those who have access to the passwords or to any other users as desired by the administrators. The 'Password Action Notification' feature helps in achieving this.

You can configure E-mail notification on the occurrence of specific events as mentioned above. When password shares are changed and when passwords expire, in addition to notifications, there is option for password reset action to be performed by the PMP server. When a password belongs to multiple groups and each group has different actions configured, every distinct action will be performed once.

Password Manager Pro also facilitates raising SNMP Traps and/or Syslog messages to your management systems on the occurrence of various password actions and Audit Events. The traps/syslog messages can be sent to the SIEM tools, which can thoroughly analyze these events, correlate them with other network events and provide informative, holistic insights on the overall network activity.


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