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ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus vs. Lepide Active Directory Self-Service

Feature Description ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus Lepide ADSS
Self-Service Password Reset Users can reset their forgotten passwords without help desk assistance.
Self-Service Account Unlock Users can unlock their locked out accounts without help desk assistance.
Password Expiration Notification Notify users to change password before it expires.
Account Expiration Notification Notify users and their managers about impending acccout expiration.
Password Synchronizer Synchronize Windows password changes with on-premise and SaaS applications.
(supports 18 platforms)

(supports only 3 platforms)
SSO for Enterprise Applications Allow users to log in just once using their AD username and password, and gain access to all their enterprise applications.
Cached Credentials Update Synchronize password changes across a range of cloud-based and on-premises applications in real-time
Cached Credentials Update Helps remote users reset their cached password in their machines when they are not connected to the corporate network.
Password Policy Enhancer Enforce advanced OU and group-based password policy settings such as dictionary rule for improved security.
Windows Logon Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Enable 2FA for local and remote desktop logons to Windows machines.
Approval Workflow Get self-service actions by end users approved by managers or IT admins.
Help desk password reset Allows help desk to verify users’ identities and reset passwords.
Employee Directory Self-Update Allows users to update their profile information such as contact number in Active Directory.
Mail Group Subscription Allows users to opt-in or opt-out of AD group memberships.
Employee Search Allows users to search for their colleagues' information.
Organization Chart Allows users to find their position in the organization hierarchy.
Change Password Users can change their password from anywhere, anytime through a web portal.
Automatic Password Reset/Account Unlock Automatically reset passwords when they expire and unlock accounts when they are locked-out.
(supports only automatic account unlock)
Web and Mobile-based Portal Users can access the self-service portal from a web or mobile browser.
Android and iPhone Native Mobile Apps Android and iPhone apps for ‘on the go’ password reset and account unlock.
Windows Login Agent Users can access the self-service portal from the Windows login prompt.
macOS Login Agent Users can access the self-service portal from the macOS login prompt.
Linux Login Agent Users can acess the self-service portal from the Linux login prompt.
Available authentication techniques Authentication techniques available to verify users’ identities during password reset. 1. Security Q&A
2. Email-based Verification Code
3. SMS-based Verification Code
4. RSA SecurID
5. Duo Security
6. Google Authenticator
7. Microsoft Authenticator
9. AD-based Security Questions
10. Biometric Authentication
11. QR-based Authentication
12. Push Notification Authentication
13. Time-based OTP
14. CAPTCHA verification
1. Security Q&A
2. Email OTP
Password history support Checks password history during password reset.
2FA for login Enable 2FA for users logging in to the self-service portal.
Smart card authentication for login Enable users to log into the self-service portal using their smart cards.
SAML SSO for login Enable users to access the self-service portal in one click through an identity provider.
Password reset/account unlock notifications Send e-mail, SMS, and push notifications to users after successful password reset/change/account unlock.
(Supports email, SMS and push notifications)

(Email Only)
Password Change Notification Notify users when their passwords are changed/reset natively in Windows.
CAPTCHA Enable CAPTCHA on login page, reset password, and account unlock page.
Enrollment Options
Forced Enrollment Users can be forced to enroll when they log in to their system
Enrollment Reminders Users can be asked to enroll by sending them an enrollment reminder via email
(supports both SMS and email reminders)

(only via email and during login)
Auto Enrollment via CSV Import enrollment data from a CSV file and enroll users without their intervention
Auto Enrollment from Database Import enrollment data from a database and enroll users automatically.

Additional Features

Feature Description ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus Lepide ADSS
Single Sign-on to self-service portal Users are automatically logged in with their domain credentials using SAML, NTLMv2, or smartcard authentication
Multi-language support Built-in support for multiple languages.
(Supports 17 languages)
Integration with other applications Avail self-service password reset & account unlock from other applications OWA, SharePoint, Citrix Information unavailable.
Integration with help desk tools Integrate with help desk tools to automatically create tickets for end users’ self-service actions.
Rebranding Customize the self-service portal with your own name, logo, etc.
Restrict users Ability to restrict disabled, inactive, deleted, and account expired users to save on license cost.

Reporting Capabilities

Feature Description ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus Lepide ADSS
Administrator’s Dashboard Graphical dashboard which details all key user related information.
User Action Audit Reports Reports on users' actions, their password status and more.
Password and Account Status Report Reports on users with soon-to-expire passwords, locked-out users, and password expired users.
Enrollment Status Report Report on users’ enrollment status.
Export Reports Reports can be saved for later use in a target file formats such as HTML, PDF, CSV, etc.
Reports Scheduler Scheduler to create and send selected reports via email.
Rebranding the Reports Ability to rebrand the reports with custom logo and headers.

Licensing and Pricing:

ADSelfService Plus is priced at USD 745 for 500 users.

Lepide AD Self-Service pricing is not publicly available.


Both ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus and Lepide AD Self-Service provide features to clamp down on password-related help desk calls.

However, ADSelfService Plus offers a lot more features and supports multiple platforms when compared with Lepide AD Self-Service. Enterprise SSO, password sync to multiple platforms, cached credentials update, employee search, and 2FA for Windows logons are some of the important features missing in Lepide AD Self-Service.

Moreover, ADSelfService Plus supports fourteen different authentication methods for verifying users’ identities. It also supports integration with help desk tools and other applications. All of these critical features are not present in Lepide AD Self-Service.

From the above comparison table, it is pretty clear that ADSelfService Plus is a vastly superior solution than Lepide AD Self-Service.

Note: All the information mentioned here is based on the documents/data available on the competitor’s website. The information provided might vary in the actual product.

ADSelfService Plus is the one-stop solution for all password-related troubles.

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