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ADSelfService Plus vs. SysOp Tools Password Reset Pro

Key Features Add-on Features Security and Convenience Reporting Capabilities
Key Features Description ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus SysOp Tools Password Reset Pro
Password Reset Users can reset their forgotten passwords without calling helpdesk
Account Unlock Users can unlock their locked out accounts without calling helpdesk
Employee Directory Update Employees can update their profile information in Active Directory  
Password/Account Expiry Notification Notify users to change password before it expires via email
Multi-Platform Password Synchronizer Synchronize password and account changes across multiple platforms
Change Password Users can change their password from anywhere, anytime
Employee Search Users can search for their colleagues information
Built-in Reporting Mechanism Reports on various aspects of user actions and their password status
Identity Verification Methods Users identity are verified before they can reset their password or unlock their account Security Q&A | SMS/Email based Verification code Security Image | Security Word
Key Features Description ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus SysOp Tools Password Reset Pro
Easy Installation and Deployment Application can be installed without any pre-requisites
Requires .NET framework v2.0 installed and IIS 6.0 or above with ASP.NET enabled
Multi-language support Support for multiple languages
15 languages supported
Client Software (GINA/Credential Provider) extension Password Reset/Account Unlock from Windows logon screen (CTRL+ALT+DEL)
Restrict Inactive Users Blacklist inactive users like disabled users, account expired users, deleted users, etc., for effective license management
Technician roles Delegate different tasks to various users by designating them as Super Admin and Operator
Automatic Password Reset / Account Unlock Expired passwords/locked-out accounts are automatically reset/unlocked
Multiple Self-Service Policies (OU-based) Configure multiple self-service policies to allow different users to access different features
Multiple Enrollment Options
Enrollment reminders Users can be asked to enroll by sending them an enrollment reminder via email
Auto Enrollment Administrators can automatically enroll users without their intervention
Force enrollment Users can be forced to enroll when they log in to their system
Feature Description ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus SysOp Tools Password Reset Pro
CAPTCHA Verification Challenge-response test used to verify that login attempts are made by humans and not by a spam-sending computer
Block Users Define a threshold for the number of unsuccessful attempts, after which the account will be blocked from accessing the self-service portal
Web Server in DMZ Feature Securely deploy the application on the internet without compromising the core network
Password Strengtheners to facilitate stronger Password practice
Password Reset/Account Unlock Email Notifications Notify users via e-mail upon successful password reset / change / account unlock
Password Strength level Enforce an added layer of security to user passwords
Enforce Password History Enforce Active Directory Password History Settings during password reset
Feature Description ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus SysOp Tools Password Reset Pro
User Reports Reports on locked out users, soon-to-expire password users and password expired users
Pre-built reports Pre-build reports on various aspect of the application, user password status, user actions and audit reports
14+ reports under 3 categories: user reports, enrollment reports and audit reports

Reports on Web Portal event history, enrollment and licensing alone are available.
Reports Scheduler Schedule the automatic delivery of various reports to your email id
Each and every report can be scheduled to be delivered to the administrator

Administrator receives only a daily summary report e-mail of past 24hr events in the self-service system

Disclaimer: The above provided comparison is based on readily available information on competitors’ website as on 20th April, 2013. The data provided might vary in the actual product.

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