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ADSelfService Plus vs. Thycotic Password Reset Server

Key Features Add-on Features Security and Convenience Reporting Capabilities
Feature Description ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus Thycotic Password Reset Server
Password Reset Users can reset their forgotten passwords without calling helpdesk
Account Unlock Users can unlock their locked out accounts without calling helpdesk
Password Expiry Notification Notify users to change password before it expires via email
(Supports both Email & SMS notifications)

(Only Email)
Account Expiry Notification Notify users and their managers about impending acccout expiry
Employee Directory Self-Update Employees can update their profile information in Active Directory
Password Synchronizer Synchronize Windows password changes with on-premises and SaaS applications
Mobile Apps Mobile apps to facilitate password management 'on the go'
(Native Apps for Android & iOS, Mobile WebApp for other platforms)
Mail Group Subscription Users can opt-in or opt-out of Distribution Groups all by themselves
Employee Search and Organization Chart Users can search for their colleagues information and find their position in the organization hierarchy
Change Password Users can change their password from anywhere, anytime
Identity Verification Methods Users identity are verified before they can reset their password or unlock their account Security Q&A | SMS/Email Pin code Security Q&A | SMS/Email/Phone Call Pin Code | Image Recognition
Feature Description ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus Thycotic Password Reset Server
Installation Pre-requisites Application can be installed without any pre-requisites
Requires .NET framework v2.0 installed and IIS 6.0 or above with ASP.NET enabled
Multi-language support Support for multiple languages
(Supports 17 languages)
Client Software (GINA/Credential Provider) extension Password Reset/Account Unlock from Windows logon screen (CTRL+ALT+DEL)
Thycotic Password Reset Server
Client Software Deployment Methods by which the GINA/CP logon agents can be deployed Admin Console, GPO, Manual Installation GPO & Manual Installation Only
Client Software Customization Option to customize the text and icon of the logon agents
Integration with other applications Avail self-service password reset & account unlock from other applications OWA, SharePoint, Citrix Not Known
Rebranding Customize the self-service portal with your own name, logo, etc.
(Requires you to manually configure files in the installation folder)
OU-based feature restriction Restrict features to certain users based on Organization Units
Automatic Password Reset / Account Unlock Expired passwords/locked-out accounts are automatically reset/unlocked
Username Recovery Users can recover their usernames by entering their Email ID
Enrollment Options
Force enrollment Users can be forced to enroll when they log in to their system
Enrollment reminders Users can be asked to enroll by sending them an enrollment reminder via email
Auto Enrollment Preload enrollment data and enroll users without their intervention
Force Mobile Number Format Force users to use a specific mobile number format during enrollment
External Database Support Reuse Security Q&A data of users from your in-house database
(Supports Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL)
Feature Description ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus Thycotic Password Reset Server
Encryption Algorithm Encryption algorithm used to store challenge response answers SHA – 512/MD5 for storing Security Q&A and AES-256 for storing other data SHA-512 for storing Security Q&A and AES-256 for storing other data
Password Reset/Account Unlock Email Notifications Notify users via e-mail & SMS upon successful password reset / change / account unlock
(Supports both Email and SMS)

(Supports Email only)
Enforce Password History Enforce Active Directory Password History Settings during password reset
Password Strength Analyzer Tool to analyze the strength of the passwords in real time as the user types them
Security Q&A Strengthener Prevent users from providing the same answer to multiple questions or any word of a question in their answers
Randomize Questions Display only a random subset from a user's security questions
CAPTCHA Verification A challenge-response test used to determine whether or not the user is human
Restrict Inactive Users Restrict disabled, expired, deleted user accounts from using the application
Block Users Users who repeatedly fails password self-service will be automatically blocked for a few minutes
Feature Description ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus Thycotic Password Reset Server
Audit Reports Reports on user actions, their password status and more
Export Report Reports can be saved for later use in a target file format such as HTML, PDF, CSV, etc.
Reports Scheduler Scheduler to create and send selected reports via email
OU Level Reports Customize reports view from domain based to OU based

Disclaimer: The above provided comparison is based on readily available information on competitors' website as on 22nd January, 2014. The data provided might vary in the actual product.

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