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Maximize endpoint security with adaptive MFA

Endpoints are an important entity when it comes to organizational security. Access policies based only on passwords are now outdated, and modern methods like MFA have become the norm. Industry leaders recommend following stringent security models like Zero Trust that leave no access attempt by any user unverified no matter the user's credibility.

This whitepaper discusses how you can secure your endpoints better with ADSelfService Plus' adaptive MFA.

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Making IT more efficient, active directory and cloud based services' password management

Since Windows 2000, organizations who use Windows Active Directory (AD) have been burdened with the need to hire support staff for resetting passwords. Without a portal or solution to allow users to reset their own password, users are forced to call IT for assistance. Now that many organizations are moving to the cloud for some of their services, the issue of password stability and consistency has grown exponentially. With new cloud user accounts and passwords, users are forced to battle with not only their Active Directory user account and password, but all their cloud-based services' user accounts and passwords as well.

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Thwarting hackers with better Active Directory password policies

Hacking password is the easiest way to gain access to a user account in Active Directory. Hackers have been able to easily compensate the passwords of Microsoft Active Directory users for years. This is no surprise, considering the password policy and password controls in Active Directory have not changed since 2000.

This White paper by Derek Melber, Active Directory MVP, sheds light on the windows active directory password policies and their drawbacks, various password attacking strategies, and the ways to keep hackers at bay with enhanced Active Directory password policies.

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Streamlining cloud access and improving security with Active Directory-based single sign-on

Moving to the cloud promises organizations greater flexibility, cost savings, and a lot of other benefits. However, it also introduces identity management challenges and concerns about data security. Many recent security breaches have involved some form of credential theft or password cracking. It doesn’t help that as the number of cloud apps increases, end users are burdened with remembering a growing number of complex passwords.

This whitepaper discusses how you can leverage your existing on-premises Active Directory infrastructure to provide users with single sign-on for enterprise cloud applications.

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