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ADSelfService Plus | NetWrix Password Manager

Key Features Add-on Features E-mail Notification & Reports Security Features
Features Description ADSelfService Plus NetWrix Password Manager Remarks
Self Reset Password Users reset their passwords upon having forgotten their passwords.  
Self Unlock Account Users can unlock their accounts, which got locked upon their exceeding the set limit. (Wrong passwords, within a frame of time).  
Identity Verification based on Security Questions To RP/UA, users are required to authenticate their identity with pre-set Questions & Answers by administrators or users previously been forced/asked to enroll with their choice of Q&A.  
SMS / E-mail Verification Advanced security user authorization The crucial personal authorization via SMS/E-mail.
Change Password Users who remember their passwords and are willing to change it.  
Self Directory Update Users can enter their personal information directly into Active Directory; fields as set by Administrator.  
Password / Account Expiry Notification Administrators can schedule notifications to users of their about-to-expire passwords/accounts. ‘Password Expiration Notifier’ is a separate license for NetWrix.
Corporate Directory Search A search field for fellow employees’ information.  
Features Description ADSelfService Plus NetWrix Password Manager Remarks
Web Based Software Global access across domains  
Easy Installation ADSelfService Plus does not require any pre-requisites. NetWrix requires Microsoft IIS Server and .NET Framework.
Resetting Passwords right from Windows login(CTRL+ALT+DEL) screen With GINA, authorization policy, users can RP/UA at the Windows logon prompt.  
OU based configuration Administrators can configure self service and notification features based on OU’s, this helps in effective management.  
Restrict Inactive Users ADSelfService Plus identifies and blacklists all the inactive, abandoned & disabled user accounts in Active Directory. Administrator can keep tab by viewing the reports. ‘Inactive Users Tracker’ is a separate license for NetWrix
Automatic Password Reset / Unlock Account Expired passwords / locked accounts are automatically reset / unlocked respectively. ‘Bulk Password Reset’ is a separate license for NetWrix
Bulk Enrollment of Users Administrators can automatically enroll users into the product using csv file.  
Change Password at next logon Administrators/Help Desk upon resetting a user password, for security protocol can force the user to change password at next logon.  
Rebranding End-to-end customization in ADSelfService Plus. NetWrix allows only logo change.
Options to choose Desired Language A Boon for our Global clientele! ADSelfService Plus supports 13 languages. NetWrix provides only 6 languages for free. Other languages can be added manually or as a paid service from NetWrix.
Automatic DB Backup ADSelfService Plus allows you to set up a schedule to automatically back up the inbuilt MySQL database and prevent accidental loss of data.  
Features Description ADSelfService Plus NetWrix Password Manager Remarks
Acknowledgement Notifications Send acknowledgement notifications to users when specific events occur.  
Automatic Notifications to Admin Mailing admin a complete insight on user activities.  
Automatic Enrollment Notifications Notify 'non-enrolled & new' domain users to enroll with ADSelfService Plus.  
Active Directory Users Reports Complete reports on users, locked out users, Soon-to-expire password users, and password expired users. NetWrix supports Locked Out Reports; only for enrolled users.
Audit Reports Complete reports based on user activities- Reset password audit, Unlock account audit, Self-update audit, Change password audit, Notification delivery, Failed attempts at security questions, Provision to track users (by their IP) | NetWrix provides audit reports for password resets and account unlocks.
Licensed User Reports Administrator can check the registered users in the following reports- Enrolled users, Non-Enrolled users, Licensed users, Security questions and answers NetWrix provides Enrollment reports alone.
Features Description ADSelfService Plus NetWrix Password Manager Remarks
Security Q&A Strengtheners Make end-users choose strong security answers that can survive brute forcing.  
Password Strength Analyzer & Enforcer Administrators can choose from the pre-set, complexity based 'password strength level' and ensure end-users choose stronger password.  
Brute Forcing ADSelfService Plus allows administrators to define a threshold for number of unsuccessful attempts, breaching which the user account from which such attempts were made would be blocked.  
Man-in-the-middle attacks Enable the following for a more secure environment-
HTTP over SSL to ensure extra safe communication between users (web browser) and ADSelfService Plus.
LDAP over SSL to ensure extra safe communication between Active Directory and ADSelfService Plus. Security answers are automatically stored using encrypted format (one-way hash algorithm). ADSelfService Plus supports
| NetWrix supports HTTPS only.
Bot-based attacks ADSelfService Plus empowers the administrator to use Captcha (word verification image) for 'human' confirmation.  
Web Server in DMZ Feature ADSelfService Plus allows you to securely RP/UA on the internet without compromising the core network.  

Disclaimer: The comparison juxtaposes the features of ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus and NetWrix Password Manager based on the publicly available information as of June 01, 2011.

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