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Password Reset Savings Calculator for improved ROI

ADSelfService Plus' Password Reset Savings Calculator will help IT admins determine how much their organization currently spends on help desk-assisted Active Directory password resets and the expected savings, and also the ROI on implementing an effective self-service password reset solution.

Calculate Number of Help Desk Calls

META Group estimates 1.75 calls/month or 21/year per user
Avg no. of Help Desk
Calls Per Year

Calculate Number of Password Reset Calls Gartner estimates 20-50% of all calls are for password resets

% of Help Desk Password Reset Calls 0%
Total no. of Password
Reset Calls Per Year

Estimated Cost Per Password Reset Call Cost estimates typically fall between $15-$70 per call



password reset cost
ADSelfService Plus'
annual subscription cost
Your annual savings
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Note: The default values are based on leading analysts' assessments, however the fields can be customized with data to receive the most accurate ROI evaluation.

ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus is a secure, web-based, end-user password reset management and single sign-on solution.

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I happened to come across ADSelfService Plus, an end-user password self-service solution. I tried their return on investment calculator to check whether buying it would make a difference for our organization and I'm convinced it will. I've attached the ROI report so you can evaluate it yourself.

  • Password self-service.
  • Password and account expiration notifications.
  • Password policy enforcement.
  • Multi-platform password synchronization.
  • Single sign-on.

I'm certain that implementing ADSelfService Plus in our organization will prove to be a thoughtful investment and will save us time, money, and effort.

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