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Synchronize Active Directory user password across enterprise apps

Using different passwords for Active Directory, G Suite, Office 365, and other enterprise applications increases the likelihood that users will forget all their passwords. What if users only need to remember one password to access multiple applications? ADSelfService Plus makes this possible with real-time Password Synchronizer, which synchronizes Active Directory password resets and changes to all connected cloud-based and on-premises applications.

Benefits of real-time password synchronizer

  • 01

    Improved password security

    Enforce one custom password policy across Active Directory and cloud apps, with options to filter dictionary words, patterns, palindromes, and more.

  • 02

    Policy-based access control

    Ability to enforce password sync to certain applications for only specific users based on OU and group membership.

  • 03

    Sync for account unlocks

    When users unlock their Windows Active Directory accounts through ADSelfService Plus, their enterprise accounts will be automatically unlocked as well.

Why choose ADSelfService Plus?

Customer corner

Aluar allies with ADSelfService Plus to battle password fatigue!

"I merely hinted that support for syncing SAP passwords would be a nice enhancement, and a few months later they had actually developed it! That's an absolute first for me, I've never seen something like that from another software vendor."

-Gabriel Canton, Aluar's IT team

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