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Password Synchronizer

Different passwords for Active Directory, Office 365, Google Apps, CRM, and any other application that organizations deploy result in large volumes of forgotten passwords and consequently, password reset tickets for the IT help desk. The pragmatic solution to tackle this problem is to have one password for all the applications that a user might need.

ADSelfService Plus’ Password Synchronizer does just that via the password sync agent! The Password Sync Agent is a background service that gets notified by the primary domain controller about password changes for user accounts and synchronizes them to all linked accounts of the user in real-time. It saves users the trouble of having to remember multiple passwords. Activities like account unlocks are also synchronized across all the platforms, eliminating a major source of help desk calls.

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Benefits of Password Synchronizer

  • Immediate Password Synchronization: No extra actions are required from the user to maintain the same password across all connected applications.
  • Synchronize Account Changes: When a user unlocks his Windows AD account through ADSelfService Plus, his locked out accounts in other systems, if any, will also get automatically unlocked.
  • Less burden on Users and Administrators: Users only need to remember one password, making passwords easier to remember. Administrators need not worry about drowning in password reset tickets.
  • Easy to configure: Simple steps and a user-friendly interface makes it easy to set up password synchronizer for your organization.

Key Features of ADSelfService Plus

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