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Group Subscription

Self-Service Active Directory Group Subscription

Active Directory Groups play a crucial role in the Identity and Access Management (IAM) strategy of any Windows-based organization, as they are used to regulate user access to several resources including email communication groups. The cycle of adding and removing users to and from groups forms an integral part of an IT administrator’s job. However, the sheer number of groups and the frequency in which users' roles change in an organization makes it a very difficult task. This can lead to some major problems like:

  • Increase in helpdesk calls from users requesting resource allocation
  • Loss in employee productivity while they wait for hours to get the required access rights
  • Unsolicited mails being sent to users who have changed roles but are still part of a distribution group that they are not supposed to

ADSelfService Plus supports a Self-Service Active Directory Group Subscription system through which users can opt-in or opt-out of selected Distribution Groups on their own, provided that they satisfy the group subscription policies prescribed by IT administrators.

From a centralized console of ADSelfService Plus, administrators can define group subscription policies that determine which users can subscribe to which groups. Essentially, these policies act as a security barrier that prevent unauthorized subscriptions to groups. Users can also be allowed, by the administrator, to view the members of the groups that are open to them for subscription.

Email Groups and Self-Service Subscription:

Quite often users find themselves mailing or calling the helpdesk requesting access to a particular email group. With a little bit of homework or based on departmental roles, administrators can easily identify the email groups that a user would need in her/his line of duty. These groups can be made available to end-users in a group subscription policy.

Key Benefits

By deploying a self-service tool for Active Directory group membership changes, you can:

  • Reduce Costs - As users self-subscribe to groups, you can reduce the helpdesk tickets resulting from users asking for mail group subscriptions.
  • Improve User Satisfaction and Productivity - Users get quick access to resources they want without having to wait for hours
  • Free up users from unwanted emails - Users can self-service mail group subscriptions/subscription cancellations at their will to receive only those emails that best fits their job role


Some other benefits of ADSelfService Plus - Self Service Reset Password Management

Other features

Self Reset Password

Free Active Directory users from attending lengthy help desk calls by letting them self-service the password reset task. Password reset just a click away with ADSelfService Plus!

Active Directory Change Password

Hassle-free password change for Active Directory users with ADSelfService Plus. Without help desk assistance users can change their passwords from 'Change Password' console.

Self Directory Update

Portal that lets Active Directory users update their latest information without the help desk assistance. Self-update feature also ensures that Active Directory database is up-to-date with the user profile changes.

Corporate Directory Search

Synchronize Windows Active Directory user password/account changes across multiple systems automatically.

Self Directory Update

A quick search facility that enables Active Directory users to scout for information about peers by using search keys like phone no., e-mail id, first/ last name of the personality being searched.

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