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Active Directory Management
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With cloud technology taking the IT world by storm, most enterprises use different cloud applications for various tasks. These web applications usually force your users to comply with different password complexity requirements. Consequently, they can easily end up with different passwords for different cloud accounts. Managing all these passwords and ensuring their security is a daunting task. Wouldn't it be nice if users can seamlessly access all cloud apps without remembering multiple passwords? In this webinar Tom Jose, product expert at ManageEngine ADSolutions, will show you how to set up Active Directory-based single sign-on (SSO) for cloud apps.


  • Active Directory-based single sign-on for cloud applications.
  • How to deal with multiple passwords and increasing application count in organizations.
  • Providing users one-click access to cloud applications without having to manually enter credentials every time.
  • How to use Active Directory as the authentication source for logging in to cloud applications.
  • Control SSO for each app based on OUs and groups in Active Directory.

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