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Active Directory Management

For years organizations have wanted different password policies in the same AD domain. Microsoft released fine-grained password policies, but their solution was awkward and unimpressive. AD has been around for seventeen years, and Microsoft is yet to develop a solution for better password policy controls. Now, there is an easy and cost effective solution! ADSelfService Plus provides granular control over passwords, such as denying consecutive passwords (Password1, Password2, etc) and denying passwords in password dictionaries. Come hear about how this solution can improve overall security for users passwords.

You will learn:

  • How domain password policies work
  • Insights into fine-grained password policies (FGPP)
  • Easy reporting on both GPO based and FGPP settings
  • What granular password policy settings look like
  • How easy it is to set up different password policies in the same AD domain

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