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New features

Release notes

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In pipeline

  • Password management
    Help desk-assisted password reset and account unlock

    Enables users to perform self-service actions by authenticating their identity with the admin via a phone call, and using an admin-generated passcode to reset their password or unlock their account.

  • MFA
    Endpoint MFA for Command Line Interface (CLI)

    Ensures only the right people perform CLI authentication like Secure Shell or Secure Socket Shell (SSH) login, and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) login by prompting MFA for identity verification.

    MFA for Local User Accounts

    Prompts MFA for users who are part of workgroups.

    Adaptive MFA with UEBA for RDP

    Provides identity protection using user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) to automatically step up or step down authentication based on a particular situation for Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) sessions.

  • New reports

    Admin activities audit report

  • Password sync on Linux

    Synchronizes the modified password in Linux user accounts whenever users perform password reset or change password operations in AD.

  • Passwordless login for Windows, macOS, and Linux OS using MFA

    Replaces password-based authentication with modern MFA techniques for Windows, macOS, and Linux logins to help improve user experience and security posture.

  • Azure AD support

    Extends all the capabilities of ADSelfService Plus to Azure AD users, including self-service password reset, adaptive MFA, SSO, password sync, and password policy enforcer.

In development

  • Password management
    Offline password reset

    As part of ADSelfService Plus' remote work enablement capabilities, remote users will soon be able to reset their passwords even when they are not connected to their AD domain or the internet.

  • MFA
    Offline MFA

    Enforces MFA for machine login even when users are not connected to the ADSelfService Plus server.

    Adaptive MFA with UEBA for endpoint logins

    Introducing identity protection with UEBA to automatically step up or step down authentication based on a particular situation for securing endpoint logins.

  • New reports
    • Soon to expire accounts report
    • Password never expires users report
    • Locked out users report
    • Last logon activity report
    • User activity audit report
  • Security hardening feature

    Provides admins with insights on configured security settings, and mandates the configuration of important settings through notifications, such as changing the default admin password, enabling HTTPS for the product, and enabling CAPTCHA for the reset password page.

  • Mobile app enhancements
    Employee search

    The Corporate Search/Employee directory feature will soon be supported in the mobile application.


    Provides access to configured SSO applications from the mobile application.

  • User license management

    Provides operators with access to manage client software installations and restrict licenses.

  • Multiple domains management

    ADSelfService Plus will soon enable multiple domains to be delegated and managed by domain admins.


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