The latest update to ServiceDesk Plus MSP brings a refreshing new UI and exciting new features empowering your service desk with capabilities that will help you take your business to the next level, and provide an enhanced service experience to your customers.

With the brand new ServiceDesk Plus MSP version 10.5, you can track your business' health with the MSP Business Dashboard, which offers critical business information to give you insights into your business and service desk operations. Manage field services swiftly by leveraging the integration with Google Maps and Zoho Maps, accurately track the overall time spent by technicians on tickets with an approval process, manage your resources efficiently, and a lot more.

Take a look at what's in store for you in this version:

  • MSP Business Dashboard

    Get a quick visual snapshot of important business and service desk metrics using different chart types.

    • Gain insights into your business operations with widgets on revenue generated, billable and non-billable hours, managed assets, live progress of projects, and more
    • Customize each widget on your dashboard according to your preference
    • Provide role-based access to the business dashboard

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  • MSP service desk dashboard

    Metrics and KPIs dashboard for MSP

  • Free time tracking software

    Easy to use time tracker & timesheet software for MSP

  • Time Sheet

    Monitor overall efforts of technicians in a central location. 

    • Convert worklogs into time sheet entries with an approval process, and trigger notifications for all approval processes 
    • Define the time sheet period (daily/weekly/biweekly)
    • Set hourly goals for day, week, or any time period of your choice

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  • Integration with Google Maps and Zoho Maps

    Perform field service management tasks such as planning and coordinating availability of field staff, prioritizing jobs, and reducing unnecessary field staff trips.

    • Pin the locations of all your clients across the globe on the map
    • Allow field staff to update their location via the ServiceDesk Plus MSP mobile app
    • Track the current geographical location of field staff from the map view

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  • FSM software

    Field service management software for MSPs

  • Request management process in MSP

    Request management process with custom life cycles in MSP software

  • Request Life Cycle

    Design a request resolution process with built-in guidance for help desk technicians.

    • Design the complete life cycle of a ticket visually using a simple drag-and-drop canvas
    • Break down the life cycle of a request into various statuses and transitions, i.e., conditional actions required to move from one status to another

More features to look out for:

  • Do away with the disarray of dealing with multiple Account Managers of clients with the Point of Contact (PoC) feature
  • Get a clearer picture of requests with the revamped request details page
  • Allow an MSP requester (vendors or third-party call centers) to be requesters of other accounts
  • Reduce the SDAdmin's workload with the HelpdeskConfig role that can perform all request-related configurations across the product
  • Set the expiration of solutions, and perform a periodic review of solutions in the knowledge base
  • Approve, reject, or mark unknown requesters as spam with the requester approval feature
    • Change the account of a ticket incorrectly mapped to a different account
    • Select Account Managers as a part of custom notification rules
    • Apply field and form rules directly from the request list view while editing a request
    • Create a notification template and send it as an email based on the action using the enhanced Custom Triggers feature
    • Execute custom scripts or files, and automate change-related tasks with the Change Custom Trigger feature
    • Guide technicians to fill out the missing mandatory details while closing a request with the Request Closing Wizard
    • Refer Account related information easily while accessing any modules (tabs).
    • Use Exchange Web Services to connect to an exchange server for email fetching
    • Scan attachments automatically when uploaded to the ServiceDesk Plus MSP portal

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