In this webinar, we'll talk about how IT service desk teams can use ServiceDesk Plus Cloud to personalize their service catalog to their organization's needs and optimize their service management process for employees operating in a hybrid environment.

Here are a few key takeaways from this episode:

Frequently Asked Questions

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License cost is purely based on individual instance's technician count and add-ons involved in the instance.

For example, if you have an existing IT instance with 10 tech license with enterprise edition and if you are planning to add one more instance for your HR team and you are planning for 5 technician license with standard edition then you will procure the 5 technician license for HR instance alone.

Note: If you are part of the technician list in both instances, then you will consume 1 license count in each instance.

At any point of time, you can have 1 Trial instance, 1 Free instance and 'n' number of paid instances. To learn more about pricing per instance, please refer to the link below:

Yes, each instance has its own numbering, and, it is possible to move requests between instances. To know more, please refer to the link below:

You can create up to 10 instances from the ServiceDesk Plus portal. For creating more than 10 instances, please reach out to the support team at and we'll be happy to assist you with this.

Once the request is created in IT instance, you can open the request and click on Action -> Move Request -> In the popup you can select the instance to which this request should be moved and you can add a reason for the movement -> Click Move.

This will close the ticket in the existing instance and it will add an entry for the same in History of the ticket. Also, it will move the request to the selected instance and you can find an entry of ticket movement in History tab of the ticket in moved instance.

Requesters can also be approvers. All you need to do is to enable the "Request Approver" option under each user's profile under Setup--> Users & Permissions--> Requesters/Technicians

Yes. Custom Widgets brings external services inside ServiceDesk Plus Cloud and extend the capabilities of your application.

Yes. You can create custom statuses as per requirement in your application under Setup > Customization > Helpdesk > Status.

We update information on all our future events/conventions in this webpage-

Currently, we do not have an option to customize the closure pop-ups in the application. You will only be able to closure code under Setup-> Customization-> Helpdesk-> Closure Code. Please check this link below to learn more about closure codes,

Yes, you need to define approvers. You can also do that in bulk from Setup -> Users & Permissions -> Requesters, select the requesters -> Actions -> Enable Approval Permissions.

For further information, you can write to and we'll be glad to help you.


Meet the presenter

Siddharth G is a product expert and an ITSM evangelist at ManageEngine. He specializes in driving marketing campaigns and customer education programs for ManageEngine's flagship ITSM platform, ServiceDesk Plus. Over the past three years, Siddharth has hosted various masterclass and thought leadership webinars addressing specific ITSM challenges that organizations face and the best practices to overcome them. He has also authored educational guides on IT ticketing systems and service request management.

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