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An automotive components supplier took its first step towards unifying its IT services with ServiceDesk Plus.

Over 17,000 users

Over 400 technicians

18 locations

Previous tool(s)

Lotus Notes

The first step to a unified ITSM experience

As one of the largest auto parts suppliers in the world, this organization's American operations have a footprint in 18 locations across the US, Canada, and Mexico, employing over 17,000 employees. However, its IT service desk tickets were managed through a 15-year-old system based on Lotus Notes. The manufacturer's leadership decided to migrate to a cloud-based platform and unify service delivery by establishing one service desk for all locations. It was considering ServiceDesk Plus and ServiceNow, but decided to move forward with ServiceDesk Plus, citing our exemplary attention to its needs throughout the demo and on-site proof-of-concept stages.

Large-scale implementation with unique customizations

The manufacturer's vast IT environment adopted a shared service environment that enables users from different locations to work on the same ticket. For instance, when a user from location A raises a ticket, the approver can be a user from location B. These shared service processes are required for over 150 categories of tickets, and ServiceDesk Plus was flexible enough to meet the manufacturer's requirements.

Despite the Lotus Notes system being heavily customized to match the manufacturer's process requirements, it was only able to support two forms: a service request form and an incident form. Depending on the choice of ticket category and the location, the system templates would change the options, fields, and workflows accordingly. Thus, the service experience was long and complicated for users, even for requesting minor services.

ServiceDesk Plus successfully replicated all the request and incident fulfillment processes, retaining most of the customizations while simplifying the service experience with a service catalog and no-code automations. ManageEngine's Implementation team configured over 300 exclusive approval workflows, over 50 unique request life cycles, and over 120 templates shared across over 1,400 departments in ServiceDesk Plus.

Expansion beyond IT with ServiceDesk Plus

After IT service delivery was unified across 18 locations, the non-IT departments required similar customized setups of ServiceDesk Plus for their internal operations. With the built-in ESM capability of ServiceDesk Plus, an additional four tailored instances were implemented for non-IT departments, such as HR, Facilities, and Engineering.

For strategic decision-making supported by deep-dive data analysis of its service desk's performance, the global manufacturer also sought assistance with integrating ManageEngine Analytics Plus with ServiceDesk Plus. This offered it real-time dashboards and instant report generation built on unique formulas exclusive to its operations.

ServiceDesk Plus Cloud is the first cloud-based solution implemented in the supplier's history and it helped consolidate its service operations around the world. Hence, rather than just being a point solution for ITSM in one location, ServiceDesk Plus Cloud was the foundation atop which its service unification process was built.

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