System Tools Plug-in

System Tools plug-in helps enterprises to improve IT Services with features such as:

  • Advanced Remote Control
  • Chat
  • Wake-on-LAN
  • Announcement
  • System manager

All these functionalities could be achieved from a central location.

Benefits you can attain :

  • Take control of remote workstations from wherever they are and perform system troubleshooting seamlessly
  • Initiate chat sessions with end users to bridge the communication gap while troubleshooting
  • Schedule booting of systems in the Windows Network remotely
  • Publish announcements company-wide or just to the technicians group as and when required
  • Monitor and analyze the remotely managed systems and view the tasks details and processes that are running in the computer

The system tools package is a strip down version of Desktop and Mobile Device Management plug-in. If you have already installed the Desktop and Mobile Device Management plug-in, you can request license for system tools separately. If you have not installed the Desktop and Mobile Device Management Plug-in, you can download the System Tools Add on from here. When you install the System Tools Add-on, you will be able to perform complete Desktop & MDM activities. While purchasing the license, you can choose either full Desktop & MDM or just the System Tools Add on.

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