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Under the License pane, you can find brief details about used and total storage, license type, and license expiry date.


Further down, you will see listings such as Storage Retention, Search Retention, Alert Profiles, etc. on a table. Information regarding how many license units were purchased in your plan and how many are in use currently is correspondingly listed.

To extend your trial period for an extra 15 days after your initial trial expiry,

  • Click Extend Trial in the top right corner under the expiry date.
  • Extend Trial dialogue box opens.
  • Account termination

  • Write about your experience with Log360 Cloud in the description box.
  • Click Send.
Note: If you require a further extension of your trial period, click Extend Trial again. Write about your experience with Log360 Cloud, following which you will be contacted by our support team.

Usage statistics

The amount of used data is displayed under Used Storage.

  • To get a detailed view on usage statistics, click View Details under Used Storage.
  • Storage Usage gives a detailed view of the number of logs and the data used on a daily basis.
  • Usage statistics
Note: The number of logs displayed is according to the time they are uploaded to the Cloud.

Configure log retention period

To configure the log retention period,

  • Hover over Storage Retention or Search Retention headings.
  • Click the pencil icon that appears to open the Configuration Retention period dialogue box.
  • Configure log retention period

  • In Storage Retention, enter the number of days to specify how long your logs should be stored in Log360 Cloud.
  • In Search Retention, enter the number of days to specify how long your logs can be searched using Log360 Cloud.
  • Click Save.
Note: Incidents or alerts that are added during that period will also be deleted along with the logs after the storage retention period ends.