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Cloud Access Reports

Log360 Cloud helps you gain actionable insights on your organization's cloud access. To see intuitive analytical reports on usage of cloud application activities in Log360 Cloud:

  • Navigate to Reports and select Cloud Protection from the Devices drop-down menu.
  • Under Cloud Protection, go to the Common Cloud Apps tab. The LHS pane lists the available analytical reports.
    • Recent Requests: All the recent web application requests are presented to you along with the data upload and download sizes.
    • Recent HTTP Requests: All information on HTTP requests sent to the gateway server by web applications will be presented in this report.
    • Recent Connect Requests: All the recent web applications that have established a HTTP connection over SSL will be listed in this report.
    • Recent Failed Requests: All the applications that have failed to establish a connection with the gateway server and any other type of failure within a HTTP session will be presented in this report.
    • Top Cloud Apps: This report lists the most used cloud applications with detailed information such as the request count, data upload size, and data download size.
    • Top Actors: Users who have initiated web application requests and information on browser usage will be listed and sorted based on the number of requests.

You can navigate to the Zoho tab to view reports for the following Zoho applications' file upload activities:

  • Cliq
  • Writer
  • Workdrive
  • Projects
  • Show
  • Sheets
  • Mail