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Steps to regenerate Access Key

The gateway server access key is used to establish a secure connection between gateway servers and the Log360 Cloud-Cloud Protection server. This key will be automatically used to set up initial gateway server installation. However, you can regenerate the key in case it has been exposed.

Follow the steps below to regenerate the access key:

  1. Go to Settings → Configuration → Cloud Protection Settings → Server → Gateway Servers → Health → Manage
  2. In the Configured Gateway Servers page, click Manage under the Health column.
  3. In the Manage Gateway Server page, click Access Key button.
  4. From the Access Key popup, click on the Regenerate Access Key button to generate a new access key.
Note - The regenerate action will result in new key regeneration across all gateway servers configured. Update all the gateway servers with their respective regenerated keys to ensure secure connection with the Log360 Cloud-Cloud Protection server.

Update Gateway Server Access Key in gateway servers

In case the access key has been regenerated, please update all the gateway servers with their respective new access key by following the steps below:

  • In Services.msc stop the gateway service.
  • Open command prompt as an admisitrator at <Gateway Server Installation Location>\bin (Default Location - C:\Program Files\ManageEngine\ManageEngine Log360 Cloud - Cloud Protection Gateway\bin) and execute AccessKeyUpdater.exe.
  • This will open AccessKeyUpdater popup. In AccessKeyUpdater window, enter newly generated key and click OK.
  • Again start the gateway service. Now the new access key will be updated in the gateway server.