ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand Integration


Integrating an online IT help desk with a desktop and device management solution can considerably transform your IT services. Desktop Central can be integrated with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand to enable its users to log help desk requests and integrate asset data. The SaaS advantage of ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand combined with agent based Desktop Central, facilitates the entire process of desktop management and IT help desk management.

Desktop Central's integration with ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand enables:

  • Asset Data Integration
  • Auto-generation of tickets
  • Automated ticket assignment

Integrating Asset Data Asset Data Integration

    Asset data integration
  • Desktop Central scans the Systems and Mobile devices in your network periodically and collects data related to hardware and software assets.
  • The warranty expiry data of your enterprise computers recorded using Desktop Central, is integrated with ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand

Sending Help Desk Requests as Tickets Sending Help Desk Requests as Tickets

  • Desktop Central provides the users the ability to submit helps desk requests with a set of request templates that are customizable.
  • IT Help Desk requests raised from Desktop Central are automatically logged as tickets in the ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand.
  • Alerts configured in Desktop Central such as the inventory's compliance status, license usage, and installation or uninstallation are also logged as tickets in the SaaS-based service desk software.
  • It leverages your windows logon credential to submit tickets and no longer require being re-authenticated to submit your requests.
  • After logging tickets, the administrators can configure the service desk software to automate the assignment of owners for each ticket.


Hutt City Council
Asset data integration from Desktop Central to ServiceDesk Plus is a great new feature that has improved management of assets in our network. The asset data in ServiceDesk Plus is now up-to-date and accurate. In short, the asset information collected by the Desktop Central agents are more reliable.
Rob van Endt, IT Manager, Hutt City Council

Want more features?

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