Last updated on Jun 1, 2020
S.No Vulnerability Name Severity
Update Oracle to 2760944Critical
Update to Sun Qube3-All-Security-4.0.1-16343Important
Update to IBM PTF U808917Important
Update Oracle to 2128936Moderate
Update to HP PHSS_28090 s700_800 11.04 Virtualvault 4.6 IWS updateImportant
Update Oracle to 2581911Important
Update Oracle to 2784635Critical
Update to Sun RaQ550-All-Security-0.0.1-16343Important
Update to HP PSOV_03251Important
Update Oracle to 2749511Critical
Update to HP PHSS_28111 s700_800 11.04 Virtualvault 4.5 IWS UpdateImportant
Update Oracle to 2540219Moderate
Update Oracle to 2760879Critical
Update Oracle to 9.0.1.x.Important
Update to HP PHSS_28099 s700_800 11.04 Virtualvault 4.6 OWS updateImportant
Update Oracle to 2899111Critical
Update to Sun RaQXTR-All-Security-1.0.1-16343Important
Update to HP PHSS_28705Important
Update Oracle to Metalink Patches for cmctlModerate
Update Oracle to 2209455Important
Update to HP PHSS_28098 s700_800 11.04 Virtualvault 4.5 OWS updateImportant
Update Oracle to 2367681Important
Update Oracle to 2845564Critical
Update to Sun RaQ4-All-Security-2.0.1-16343Important
Update to HP PHSS_28704Important

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