Migrate Server

How do I move AD360 to a new server?

To move AD360 to a new server. follow the steps listed below.

Note: Please upgrade AD360 to the latest build using the Service Pack before migration. And, do not uninstall AD360 from the old machine until the new installation works fine.

  • Navigate to <install_dir>/conf (By default: C:\ManageEngine\AD360\conf)
  • Open database_params.conf file in a text editor and identify the database that is being used by AD360 in your environment.
  • If the database is MySQL or MS SQL, then contact AD360 support for further guidance.
  • If the database is PostgreSQL, then continue with the following steps.
  • Stop AD360(Start → All Programs → AD360 → Stop AD360 if it running as an application, or Start → Run → services.msc → Stop the 'ManageEngine AD360' if it is running as a service.)
  • Open command prompt as administrator.
  • Navigate to <Installation directory>\bin
  • Run backupDB.bat file to back up the database of your current installation. This will create a folder named Backup in the installation folder. By default, C:\Program Files\ManageEngine\AD360. This folder will contain the database in compressed file format.
  • Backup patch files, if you have any. Take a copy of the Patch folder present in AD360 installation directory (By default: C:\ManageEngine\AD360)
  • Download and install the build of the same number on the new server.
  • Stop AD360 after installation on the new server.
  • Paste the Patch folder under the AD360 installation directory (By default: C:\ManageEngine\AD360)
  • Copy and paste the compressed database backup file created from the old installation in the following location on the new server: <Installation directory>\AD360\bin (By default: C:\ManageEngine\AD360\bin)
  • In the new server, open the command prompt as an administrator.
  • Navigate to <Installation_Dir>bin.
  • Execute the 'restoreDB.bat' file from the command prompt using the compressed DB file.
    For example: restoreDB.bat compressed_file_name.zip
  • Start AD360. (Start → All Programs → AD360 → Start AD360)