Welcome to AD360

Integrated Solution for IAM

Unify AD Management, AD Auditing, Password & IT Self-Service, and Exchange Reporting to make your organization's Active Directory and Exchange environment easily manageable.

Streamline IAM Operations

Automate crucial AD tasks such as user account provisioning / de-provisioning with a workflow to ensure that crucial data does not land into wrong hands.

Secure AD Audit & IT Compliance

Audit crucial changes made to AD objects and determine if the changes made are in conformance with the IT regulatory compliance such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI, etc.

Ensure a secure self-service

Ensure self-service for password reset and account unlock in the Winlogon (CTRL+Alt+DEL) screen to dramatically reduce the help desk tickets.

Control workflow automation

Customizable review-approve framework to help you keep control over automation for crucial tasks.

Monitor the Exchange Traffic

Monitor complete Exchange traffic data like OWA usage, email traffic, mailbox size and permissions and export reports to any of the formats like xls, csv, html and pdf.