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Configuration Settings

This document explains the recommended settings for configurations. Any configuration when deployed to an OU/Group will have its target modified, whenever a computer is moved into the OU/Group. So, the newly added computers will have to get the configurations, which were applied for the OU/Group. You can choose to specify the frequency for the deployment to happen. You can also specify the time interval to automatically move the unused configurations to trash. Additionally, you can specify the number of days after which configurations from trash will be deleted permanently.

  1. Navigate to Configuration Settings from Configurations tab.
  2. Click Configuration Settings
  3. Click the checkbox to configure the settings, "When computer(s) is added to the OU/Group, Apply configuration(s) during:"
    • System Startup/User Logon : Whenever a computer is moved to the OU/Group, then the configurations will be applied during the subsequent system startup/user logon.
    • During Refresh Cycle after < > hours : You can specify a time interval for the configurations to be applied. Whenever a computer is moved to the OU/Group, then the configurations will be applied during the next refresh cycle after the specified time interval.
    • Note:
      • If a new domain machine is installed with the agent in a domain, existing domain targeted configuration will be deployed to that new machine.
      • Custom Group specific configurations will be auto deployed to newly added machine of Static and Static unique group specified.
      • If a machine is moved to different remote office, the respective configuration which is targeted to that office will get deployed in its next 90 minutes. 
    • Enable the check box to automatically move unused configurations to Trash and specify the time interval until which the unused configurations will be retained.
    • Enable the checkbox Permanently delete configurations which are in trash for < > days to delete the configurations from trash.
  • Click Save Changes.

Device Friendly Name  

When multiple computers with the same name are managed in Endpoint Central, the device friendly name can be used to target computers. 

The device friendly name can be customized for each computer by navigating to Agent -> SoM Settings.

Move Unused Configurations to Trash

A configuration is said to be unused, based on the criteria explained below:

  1. If the configuration is not modified and there is no change in the status of the configuration

  2. If the configuration creation date exceeds a specified time period and there is no change in the status of the configuration

  3. If the configuration was deployed to be applied once and it has been applied on all chosen targets

 You can specify a time interval for all the unused configurations to be moved to Trash. Whenever a configuration has been deleted manually, the configuration will be moved to Trash View. Configurations removed from the Trash View cannot be retrieved.

Note: Configurations which are set to be deployed during "every statup/logon", Alerts & collections will not be moved to trash.