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Asset Scan Settings

Table of Contents

  1. What is Asset Scan Settings?
  2. How to configure Asset Scan Settings?

What is Asset Scan Settings?

Asset Scan Settings is a set of per-defined customizations which can be modified and personalized according to technicians needs and streamline their IT Asset Management process. This configuration primarily focuses on personalizing the inventory scanning process. In addition to the basic asset scan rules, IT administrators can enable scan for the following components:

  • Drivers
  • Services
  • Shares
  • Certificates

Points to remember:-

  • By default, every inventory scan will check for details such as software details, hardware details, Antivirus, BitLocker and Firewall status, as well as users and groups.
  • If a component is excluded from the inventory scan, any related data will be removed from Endpoint Central.
  • If a component is included in the scan, its data will be obtained and added to Endpoint Central during the subsequent inventory scan.

How to configure Asset Scan Settings?

To personalize your inventory scanning/asset scanning process, navigate to:

  • Inventory -> Actions/Settings -> Scan Settings
  • Customize your options and save the rule.
  • The modified settings will be included from subsequent inventory scan.

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