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Power Management Reports

What are power management reports?

Power management reports provide extensive insights into the total uptime and downtime for endpoints in a network for a given period. It helps to supervise device usage and power consumption per device for advanced analysis and reduce unnecessary investments on power and energy. By using power management reports, you can get details about the uptime and downtime of each devices at specific dates. These reports can help you to analyze the power you have saved by turning off the computers at non-business hours. To view the report, select Reports --> Power Management Reports --> System Uptime Report

How to configure data storage period?

Endpoint Central by default stores the startup and downtime details of all the devices for a period of 30 days. It offers flexibility by helping users to configure the time period that meets their requirements.

To specify the data storage period :

  1. Go to Reports ---> Power Management Reports ---> System Uptime Reports
  2. Click Edit Settings at the top right corner of the Use Filter To View The Report dialogue box
  3. Specify the number of days you wish to store the data in the Power Reports Settings dialogue box.

How to view report for a specified period?

To view a report for a specified period:

  1. In Endpoint Central web console, navigate to Reports ---> Power Management Reports ---> System Uptime Reports.
  2. Select the Domain or select All Domains to view the uptime of all the computers.
  3. Select a period from the list. To specify a custom period, click Select Custom Date and specify the start and end dates.
  4. Specify the start and end time for which the report has to be displayed. If you wish to see the complete details, specify the start and end time as 00:00 and 23:59 respectively.
  5. Selecting the "Consider hibernate/standby as shutdown" option will show the hibernate/standby periods as downtime.
  6. Click Apply Filter to view the report based on the specified criteria.

How to view detailed uptime report?

Endpoint Central by default will display the summary view of the total uptime and downtime of the computers based on the selected criteria. By clicking the Detail view under View option, the startup and shutdowm times of the computers for the given period will be displayed. You can also click the computer name to view its detailed and summary reports.

How to export the report?

The Power Management Report can be exported to a PDF, CSV or XLSX format by clicking the export button in the top right corner of the reports table. The current report that is displayed will be exported into the suitable format as per the requirements of the user.