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Viewing Inventory Alerts

Endpoint Central allows IT admins to trigger alerts upon any change in the managed inventory. With the alerts functionality, IT admins can trigger alerts for the following incidents:g:

  1. When a new hardware is detected in the network
  2. When a new software is detected in the network
  3. Software license compliance, i.e., the license is inadequate and have to purchase more licenses to be compliant
  4. When a prohibited software is detected in the network.

Based on the alert configuration, alerts are generated. You can view the alerts by navigating to the Inventory view and clicking the Alerts link from the left pane.

You can filter the view based on the Alert Type, which can be any of the following:

  • Hardware Added
  • Hardware Removed
  • Allowed Software Installed
  • Allowed Software Uninstalled
  • Prohibited Software Installed
  • Prohibited Software uninstalled
  • Software Under-Licensed
  • License Expired
  • Prohibited Software Identified
  • New Computer Identified