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Enhance Workflow with File Folder Operation

What is a file folder operation?

The file folder operation helps you to copy, delete, move, rename files and folders in a computer. By enabling the file folder configuration in Endpoint Central, files and folders across several computers can be copied, renamed, deleted and moved with ease. This configuration enhances the workflow of employees, as it enables them to access and use files efficiently and helps maintain proper storage. The file folder operation also helps to eliminate susceptible files and secure machines from threats.

How to configure a file folder operation?

    1. In Endpoint Central console, navigate to Configurations tab --> Add Configurations --> Configurations--> Windows/ Mac
    2. Select File Folder operation and choose Computer/ User for Windows and Computer for Mac

file folder operation window in endpoint central

  1. Specify the name and description for the configuration
  2. In the Configure File Folder operation criteria,
    • Select the Action type: Copy/ Delete/ Rename/ Move files
    • Specify the Action Type: Define the objective you want to achieve by using the action type.

To know more about action types, take a close look at the table below:

Action type Objectives of using the action type


Copy files or folders using HTTP or network share. There is an additional option to copy files and folders in zipped format.


Rename files or folders


Move a file or folder


Delete a file, multiple files or folders

  1. Enter the path of the source file for Rename/Move/ Delete operation and add the files manually for copy operation. By using the delete operation, you can delete system files, read only files and even hidden files.
  2. Enter the path of the destination folder for Copy and Move operation. For the Rename operation, add the new file name. Similarly for the delete operation, add the modified, created and accessed date of the file and folder. Dynamic variables can be used here.
  3. Define the target
  4. Specify retry options if required and deploy the configuration.
  5. You can also enable notifications to receive emails based on the specified frequency.

You have successfully configured the File Folder operation for Windows / Mac machines.